yo your art is super rad and i love the monster/demon girls you drew 10/10

Wow, thanks!! I haven’t posted any recently that are girls, though?

I really like how you draw noses, there is something that make me want to touch them, also thanks to you noses are the part of the face I like to draw, they are fun to draw

Aww, thank you!! Glad I could be of service. :D

  · Etsy Store Updated!

I’ve put a lot of new prints and stuff up on Etsy! If you missed out at Fanime or Otakon, check it out—I still have stuff to reprint, but that should be done shortly.


do you know where I can read the purple haze feedback manga?

It is actually a light novel and not a comic! But it has been translated and is up for download here http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=489811

Please Read PHF.