Sorry I'm on mobile so if you have a FAQ where you answered this I CNT check it. But what markers,pencils,ink etc materials do you use to color your art.

Ohh my god I use so many things, including but not limited to: mechanical pencils, fancy drawing pencils, micron pens, brush pens, brush and ink, prismacolor marker, Copic marker, watercolor, iridescent ink, acrylic, Photoshop, SAI, scrapbooking paper textures, and colored pencil. It’s different for every piece. Papers I use range from shitty printer paper, sketch paper, watercolor paper, smooth Bristol, vellum Bristol. also receipt paper. Whew!

What inks do you use for your line work? I always love how your inks look in your traditional works so I thought I'd ask. I want to start experimenting with more than just my standard black, but I have no idea where to start.

For stuff like comic pages and more fine stuff, I just use Microns. For more painterly pieces, I use some sort of…weird brush pen, IDK what kind of ink is in it quite yet, I’ll have to find out. I have some old alcohol and water based inks (made for calligraphy pens) that I sometimes work with, some in black, others in the iridescent gold and silver like in the Dragon Age drawings. Cheers!